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If you like the natural look, prepare to fall in love with new Wooden products from Jukebox Print. Made from 100% biodegradable wood, they will take your designs to a new level with their unique, rustic charm. Choose specialty add-ons like rounded corners, custom shapes, foiling or embossing to add extra style to any of our wooden products.

Wooden cards are available in a variety of stock options. New 18pt Smooth Wood offers a luxury product at a more affordable price. The silky smooth finish allows for fine detail printing and the most design freedom of any of our wood products. Available in 3 stock options: Light Birch, Light Kiri and Bright Cherry.

2-ply Wood cards have a naturally rough texture and realistic feel. This 32pt thick option is more suited to simple designs with minimal ink coverage. 2-ply Wood Cards can come with Wood Both Sides, or our W1S choice offers Wood with a paper backing. Choose from 3 stock options: Bright Birch, Dark Walnut and Light Cherry. We can also create 3-ply Wood products by custom request.

Now offering Wood stock as a permanent sticker - Perfect to apply as labels to products like candles or wine bottles. Check out Wooden Stickers at the Sticker Product Page.

The Wooden product range is not just limited to the business card and flyer sizes list below. Other shapes and sizes are available with this stock including hangtags, wedding invitations or posters. these products are perfect for anyone who wants to combine an all natural style with a touch of class.

Environmentally Friendly- As well as using 100% biodegradable wood, we do everything we can to limit our ecological footprint. Additionally each wooden business card order comes with an authentic wooded business card box exclusively from Barn and Forest.

Have a unique idea? Submit a custom quotation request and we will do our best to make it happen.

Environmental Logo

Show you care by adding this graphic to your card about the environmental credentials of the paper and inks used. Download and add it to your card design.

There are 6 types of wood finishes to choose from:

Bright Birch
This species of stock is the lightest shade of wood stock we carry. The best choice for bright colours in your artwork. A super smooth finish.

Light Cherry
A unique soft cherry coloured wood.

Dark Walnut
This rich walnut Wooden Stock - looks delicious, dark and seductive. Suitable for designs using dark colours, we suggest black and white foil printing.

NEW! Light Birch
The lightest of our Wood stocks - and even lighter than the Bright Birch in this range.

NEW! Bright Cherry
The unique Cherry coloured wood provides a rustic warmth with soft reddish tones.

NEW! Light Kiri
A pale wood with cool tones of grey and green. A unique and interesting stock.

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