Rubber Stamps

Make the right impression

Put a unique stamp on your printing with’s latest innovation. Rubber stamps are a great way to combine modern printing with old fashioned elegance. A one off investment gets you a lifetime of transforming business cards, postcards, letterheads, envelopes, coffee sleeves or packaging in an instant. Use your stamp on a blank product or really get creative and combine it with a printed design. Its uses are limited only by your creativity.

Why not use a rubber stamp with our range of Brown Kraft products? The earthy look of the 100% recycled brown paper complements the classic style of a stamped logo perfectly.

DIY Stamp Kit

Give the gift of creativity! The perfect gift for anyone crafty or creative! Fully customizable with everything included to create custom hang tags: Blank die-cut tags in our stylish Luggage Tag shape, a custom 2 x 2.5" stamp created of your own unique design, matching ink pad, coloured hang tag rings and 80 pieces of earthy twine.

Kit Includes:

1 x Rubber Stamp

Your own personal 2.5 x 2 inch Rubber Stamp. You will upload the design for your Rubber Stamp in the last stage of the order and checkout process. See guidelines for preparing files for your stamp on the Rubber Stamp page.
1 x Ink Pad

A Medium size (2.75" x 4.375") Ink Pad is included in each pack in your choice of available colours: Blue, Green, Red or Black.
80 x Blank Tags

Blank Hang Tags ("2.25 x 3 Luggage Tag with square ends" shape) with red rings, in your choice of card:
  • 17pt 100% Recycled Bright White Smooth Uncoated
  • 18pt 100% Recycled Brown Kraft (Dark Brown)
  • 62pt 100% Recycled Cream Boardstock
80 x Strings

80 lose twine strings for you to tie onto your stamped tags (each approximately 3.75 inches).

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Common FAQs
Answers to common Rubber Stamps related questions can be found below. Should you have a question that is not present in this FAQ please do not hesitate to contact us with your inquiry. Before sending an inquiry please make sure it has not been answered in this FAQ.
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How do I supply the design (artwork files) for my stamp?
Stamp artwork must be in vector format, sent as a PDF file. There should be no pixel-based images (such as a photograph) in the file. Fine lines and detail should be kept to a minimum of 1pt line thickness.
If you need help setting this up or designing your stamp, please request a Design Services quote.
Do the stamps come with cards or blank paper for stamping?
They do not, but you can always order cards, flyers, invitations from our website to use with your stamp.
Will you stamp my cards for me?
The stamps do not include application of the stamp – that is where you get to have fun and add a personalised handmade touch to your cards, invitations, letterhead or whatever you choose.
What is the largest stamp size you offer?
The largest stamp we can offer is 4 x 6 inches.
Can I see a sample of your stamps?
Samples of cards with a stamp applied are available at all of our locations.
Do stamps come with ink pads?
You can order stamps with or without an ink pad. An ink pad has an additional cost of $10.
What colour ink pads can I choose from?
For an additional cost of $10 you can add an ink pad to your stamp order – the ink colours we have to choose from are black, blue, green and red.
What paper stocks are suitable for stamps?
All of our uncoated card stocks are most suitable and recommended for stamps. You can also use the stamps on Matte coated card stock, however there will be several minutes drying time.
What can I use stamps for?
Stamps are a very unique way to brand your wedding invitations, business cards, letterhead and more – stamps can be used on most uncoated papers and surfaces that will absorb ink.
How long do stamps take to produce?
Stamps take an estimated 2-5 business days to produce.
Can I get Custom Shaped blank cards/flyers to stamp?
Yes, please place a custom quote request for this service.
How do I care for my rubber stamp?
We recommend using your stamp with stamp ink pads suitable for rubber stamps only. After each use wipe off ink with a soft damp cloth (water only) and dry before storing. Store the stamp in a cool dry place.
We do not recommend using paints or other inks with stamps. Do not use cleaning products or chemicals on the stamp.
What is the quality of a rubber stamp?
Rubber stamps will not have as perfect of resolution compared to printing on a card - this is the nature and the beauty of a stamp. If you are wanting a design with full ink coverage or very fine detail then a rubber stamp might not be your best option as there can be limitations depending on your design.
Keep in mind that rubber stamps are almost like paint brushes. They take a few impressions to hold ink properly, so we always advise to test them first on waste material with 10 - 30 impressions until the ink transfer is satisfactory before moving onto the finished products.